In your journey in church life the very first point of interest, contact & application, is to get to know you. It’s really important for us to hear your story. It’s an important value for us. We want to take the time to hear your story, understand your journey, your life circumstances. This will allow the church to really connect and understand you, and help us to find practical ways to help you.


Your Story is your own personal journey, that God will use for good. Each one of us has their own unique, story to tell. We place value on your story. We gather around those who need support, who have heart break in their stories. We are commissioned to bring the good news and to stand with you to see lives and circumstances turned around for God’s glory.


We in turn, celebrate the joys and triumphs of your stories and are eager to see each one of us living under the grace of God in these days. If God is for Us, which he is… Then who can be against us!


It’s easy to connect in to church family, simply fill out this There’s a place for you here form. We can’t wait to meet you!